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Activities & Excursions

We recommend that you allow the world to pass you by while at Woodsmoke, however there is plenty to distract you should you so wish!

Picnics, bonfires & barbeques

Being situated on a ridge, Woodsmoke is spoilt for choice when it comes to picnic spots in the nooks and hollows that dot the surrounding slopes. Pick any spot on one of your walks and we will bring out a picnic hamper to you. Or ask us for our favourite spot – it has pine needles for a carpet and the Churdhar peaks for a backrest. Balmy evenings are perfect for bonfires and barbecues to ring in the dawn.

Nature Walks

Woodsmoke is surrounded by cattle trails - abandoned roads ending in valleys and hilltops and the occasional local temple. Stop along the way to pick a few gooseberries or a rhododendron or two to tuck in the hair. Hillsides carpeted with wildflowers will invite you for a siesta and a pine-scented breeze would be the perfect lullaby.

Mountain Biking

For those more strenuously inclined, there are umpteen dirt tracks to kick up the adrenaline on a mountain bike. In fact, Woodsmoke is on the route earmarked by the Himalayan Adventure Sports and Tourism Promotion Association for the MTB Himalaya Shimla, India’s most popular cycling race. Cycle through DuglaNala, Junga, Janedghat over dirt tracks, broken tarmac and springs to reach the picturesque Chail resort by climbing an elevation of 1,500 m and covering 60 km. Or, for those less ambitous, the track is only as far as you want to go.


Do check out the Himachal Tourism website ( for a ready referral.